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Distance Business Administration: Specialized Services in support of the Internet business community

The global proliferation of phenomena Internet and mobile communication technologies has changed substantially and irreversibly the way we work, play and communicate. bridge geographic gaps in beyond our comprehension or imagination in just twenty years. Today we are almost indifferent to the fact that an email message appears on the screen of the recipient in another corner of the world in seconds, as if it were sent to the next room. Similarly, it is hard to remember how to live without mobile phones.

Moore's Law exponential speed at which technology improvement has now virtually become a cliché. Not only is not surprising that technology continues to improve, becoming faster, better and more reliable and affordable, but we have scarcely expect such improvements.

It is clear that accessibility, affordability, speed and reliability of communication technologies, together with continued expansion of support networks, will continue to add more flexibility for each of us that enables us to keep moving and to operate our business, career and personal life of our laptops, mobile phones and PDA, wherever we are at any time of day or night, our tools Mobile Office is unlikely to weigh a total weight of more than 3 kilos, which means you can take it wherever we go.

In addition, Internet has brought a high degree of transparency, which represents the closest thing to a perfect market in which consumers have access to information, price comparison sites all set in their hands. Internet sites are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to provide any product or service imaginable. This translates into more business opportunities online and more convenience for their customers.

These developments do not, however, performance off automatically. There is an empowering process that companies must undergo in order to harness the power of available technology and maximize its use for operations more efficient to do more in less time, possibly with the benefit of cost savings! The companies did not actually take this quantum leap not jump to the "scale technology "and the risk of falling into the road to make way for more dynamic, forward thinking, efficient competitors.

Against this background, modern companies are taking full advantage of the benefits and efficiencies presented by technological innovation. Business processes are analyzed and decomposed, questioned, tested and de-constructed with the aim of identifying which parts of the business process can be outsourced to specialized operators, providing a spectacle better quality for companies and allow the employer to focus on core business activities, leaving the non-core support services to external signals from other parties to be treated. For example, call centers are dedicated to providing customer service and customer support services, software developers are hired to improve and innovate existing systems, co-location of shelters for the servers so important for sales and marketing effort of the company; -back office management companies to cope with regular payments transactions, payroll administration, preparation of management accounts, interim and annual and other services specialized administrative and professional firms and service providers are handling any legal, regulatory, tax planning, administrative corporate affairs and to meet ongoing compliance with the formalities applicable company. Similar configurations, with members from all over the world, are becoming the order of the day, throwing the doors wide to provide the most innovative and specialized services.

href = ""> Malta has a central role to play in this new world order, with its educated work force flexible, continuously improving its technology infrastructure and overall business environment attractive. It is no coincidence that the operators of remote gambling, call centers, investment funds, financial institutions and other financial service providers and captive insurance companies have found Malta to be a strong basis for operations.

With this vision in mind, every effort should be made by both the public and private sector to encourage these industries through greater investment, both financially and in terms of human resource training, complemented by the introduction of an appropriate legal basis attractions market incentives and the application of new technological and organizational infrastructure. In this regard the importance of public sector engagement in the way of representation the administrative process more efficient for companies considering Malta as a possible basis for part or all of their business support services distance can not be underestimated.

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Michael J. Zammit is the CEO of CSB Group, having overall responsibility for the group’s day-to-day operations. With over 10 years experience in professional company management and through his role as an external consultant to a number of gaming operators, Michael continues to provide technical consultancy and guidance on various regulatory issues to some of the world’s leading iGaming operators licensed in Malta. For further information Michael may be contacted on

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  1. Roy Lerner
    Posted February 7, 2011 at 6:21 am | Permalink

    Im looking for hosting services for gambling web site.
    Today i’m hosting a server in the netherlands,
    wanted to know if there are advantages for hosting in malta over other countries.

    Roy Lerner.

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