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server hosting manchester
Hosting from home?

I'm looking to organize my own website of the house would be very difficult to find an activity in all I am to Talk and I have an external IP address individualized program that keeps coming up with a server at Manchester and I'm on the south coast which has a server, I have the content site, I'm really ready to go, but the external IP I can not allow people access to my site. I can also VNC into the server from outside my LAN for the same reason. Has anyone had this problem and if so how do you solve? Discussion leaving contact at the time because they have very bad customer service. Much appreciated help!

Are you sure you do not have a single IP address? To find out, go to "What is my IP 'website and compare the direction appearing there with the one listed as your external IP address on the router (or modem data connection, if you do not have router). If party has an IP address globally addressable. If they do, then your ISP is still grim. The "Manchester" part probably comes only from the inaccuracy of IP geolocation services. IP addresses are not carriers of their geographical location. That is an additional service provided by private service providers trying to figure out for themselves in each direction is. Assuming you have a globally addressable address, you need to get a static IP address from your ISP, that does not change, or use dynamic DNS service like DynDNS. Look the router configuration. It might have been built in dynamic DNS update. (A useful to periodically register with dynamic DNS provider to inform them of your current IP address.) Some routers are dynamically updated dodgy DNS either do not work or violate the terms of service updated too frequently, causing your account to be blocked, so that the test for a while first. If not, you can install a small client update on the server instead.

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