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HELP! Taken out of hours at work, but never fired!?

I started working at a restaurant in New York about six months. Started as host and did well. The de facto director told me it was the best host I've ever seen. Fast forward to 5 weeks after some small problems with a couple of servers the last few months, my boss told me that because it was so slow that it did not need a lot of about two weeks. I come from a week later to collect my check and another girl will take place there. I ask him about it and I say this is just training for another restaurant (which has not opened yet). Then I said to the owners shot some people, but he called the first week of September, if it was good or bad. It is now 17 and I have not heard from him. "I can do something about it? Until the last two weeks I worked there, I was off the books and pay in cash unless it is serving. I have been looking for a job but can not find one at the moment.

It seems they are trying to fire in a way that gives denial if you file for unemployment benefits.

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