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server hosting online
Could you recommend me a good server to host computer game session online?

I need to host ATC session in flight simulator X. Please recommend me a good server. Thank you.
Thank you for your answer but what I am asking is, I am looking to buy a server so I can host multiplayer session

I build servers for a living. I can say that you do not need an installation rig at your home.

First I would start with MySql, install and learn it, then for the database access I would recommend Apache and then PhPfront if needed.

Once all of these are up and running, all your gifted keys goto the users of your server, you can use your IP address as your link to connect and with a database server, file transfers and prot’s will be real time and password protected.

Only downside is that you will need to have a strong upstream and limit collisions or your server wll fail. If you feel your pc is too soft to handle this but wont upgrade, then you are not serious about getting the server up.

I build them and I also run them. I build and play with friends on my own world of warcraft server where I make the rules. I hold Doom3 matches using my IP. My rig is extensive yes! My bandwidth is only 20Mbs but it is a true speed. I never have lag, learn to use MySql properly and you’ll be laughing.

All MySql, Apache and PhP are in the freeware domain, I’m not gonna link because they can be easily googled, so in short it wont cost you a penny.

If you do need to upgrade your rig and you want some advice feel free to email me.

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