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PanaMoney – Easy Way to Make Money Online

PanaMoney Technologies, Inc., a duly registered and legally licensed based in Panama, is a highly successful program that specializes in managed Forex market and has achieved a brilliant career since it began operations in September 2008. It is now one of the best rated HYIPs with thousands of members worldwide. PanaMoney makes the Forex market for you and you pay a fixed percentage from Monday to Friday, depending on which plan you choose to join.

Regarding investment plans offered by PanaMoney, you will see the first of many aspects of PanaMoney the sludge separated from the rest of the HYIP. There are several options available to meet any investor's pocket, in fact, depending on the size of your budget you are free to join as many plans you can afford.

The first step to engage with PanaMoney is to open a current account with them. It's free and quick to open. This is the account you will be asked to deposit your money. From there, then direct their money to the various different accounts available to you that correspond to the investment plans. For Please remember that the money held in current account earns no interest. Is inactive and only begins to work after you have decided what amounts you want to redirect to the plans.

So now that your checking account is open, what are your options for splitting up your money? Are not eight plans for you to choose:

Rating: 30 to $ 49 for 16 trading days with daily maximum of 0.5% benefits

Beginner: 50 to $ 99 for 100 trading days with the maximum benefit of 1% per day

Standard: 100 to 999 dollars for 180 trading days with 1.3% maximum daily gain

Intermediate: 1.000 to 4.999 dollars 180 trading days with the maximum benefit of 1.6% per day

Advanced: 5.000 to 9.999 dollars for 180 trading days with 1.9% maximum daily gain

Professional: 10.000 to 14.999 U.S. dollars for 180 trading days with daily maximum 2.2% Benefits

Expert: 15.000 to 19.999 dollars for 180 trading days with the maximum benefit of 2.5% per day

VIP: $ 20,000 or more for 180 trading days with 2.8% maximum daily gain

Please take note that the maximum daily benefit mentioned are variables. May vary from time to time because they are based on actual trading. The rates are the maximum available, but my own experience at the top are paid enough.

Another important point is that its director is not blocked and how have the option to leave at any time want. But keep in mind that you will be charged 12% for this and delivers the benefits. Accepted payment processors: Liberty Reserve, V-money, StrictPay and Perfect Money. But if do not like dealing with payment processors may also invest through bank transfer, which unfortunately is still a rare feature in this industry.

In and technical design of things PanaMoney really shines. He is head and shoulders above the competition. The first the casual visitor will notice PanaMoney Comodo is a certificate that guarantees their identity and the authenticity of your website. It is hosted on multiple servers dedicated by Blackden. Simply will not find better accommodation provider in this field. There has been no serious fall PanaMoney. PanaMoney is responsible for professionals and those things are not left to chance. His level of protection against DDoS attacks is the maximum available.

A custom designed full script is also used in this case and has been proven to be extremely safe. Other safety features include SRK on screen keyboard virtual you can use to start log into your account, keeping your password is not compromised.

Contact and customer support through a variety of popular methods. Not the usual line of email ticketing system and contact e-mail. PanaMoney also provides not only live chat where you can chat with an operator in real time but also supply the telephone and fax numbers. Their FAQ page is simply an example more complete picture of how to do. Every conceivable question has been addressed here, including links to instructions on how to open an account with payment processors accepted. In fact, the overall design of the website can be summarized in one word: professionalism.

Your documents proving their constitution and business license are on display for all to see on their website. I have never seen or heard a shred of evidence to suggest that they are anything other than 100% real, but of course are invited to do your own research on that front.

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