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How much does an office connected to its branches through VPN?

I'm planning to have my office and my remote offices connected through VPN. I am in the Philippines and I have no idea how much IT people charge for this service. I would also like to have my own server to host terminal services to all my branch companies mainly accounting software we use. I'm really no idea how much I like that this has cost me. Really no matter how much I'm willing to go through it but I at least like to have an idea to do a good business. Thanks. I need to connect 3 offices and all offices are already High Speed Internet. Also I have remote users connect to my server via VPN

That really depends on what kind of bandwidth requirements band that has, how many connect offices, the team already in place, and where their offices are located. There are many different solutions to this ranging from small a large scale. For example, if small remote office (work stations 3 or 4 or less) a hardware solution for remote office can be as little as $ 150 USD plus the cost of a modest broadband connection with a static IP address. Installation would take only a few hours resulted in the majority. If you talk connecting large-scale offices, equipment and scales in bandwidth cost price to the amount of traffic going to use. If you want some more detailed information you can drop me a line via e-mail link in my profile. If you can give me some details that may give a better idea of what you see. Edition: How many users per location? What kind of routers are you currently using? Again, this is scalable. It could be anywhere from $ 150 instead hardware for $ 5000 depending on the number of users out there. Connecting to the VPN server after you set is a piece of cake, and does not require much if any additional configuration, depending on network design. There are several solutions to this including a network based on VPN and remote VPN clients to connect to the VPN server central office.

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