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server hosting providers
Can anyone recommend a dedicated server and hosting company good?

I have been shopping around for a web hosting provider and server dedicated to an online game that is developed. But my brain is starting to hurt, because everyone claims to be the cheapest or best! My current hosting company does not support PHP and MySQL database or template has a forum, the two things I need. I'm not too fussed on the price and in my opinion, word of mouth usually works best, so does anyone have first hand experience of some good hosting companies that also offer dedicated servers? I'm in the UK.

You may want to give Lunarpages ( a chance. * VPS or server available Dediicated Unlimited Email Accounts * Unlimited MySQL database * Supports CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL * Support 24 / 7 Customer is supplied with all standard stuff for a web host, including php. Has appropriate upgrade options if you need more CPU power or RAM in the future. iPower ( is an alternative to Lunarpages. Or, you may want to try GoDaddy ( are the best in terms of domain registration and hosting. Is a unique solution for your needs. Come with support for a number of languages ​​including PHP, Ruby on Rails and jsp. They also have Linux and Windows shared hosting, VPS and dedicated servers. Secrets of Top 10 Web Hosting Services Unveiled! By Experienced Webmasters.

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