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server hosting rackspace

Top 5 of the server farms in terms of size definition of a "farm" is: a workplace consisting for farm buildings and cultivated land as a unit. Another definition reads a farm to be: an area of ​​land, including various structures, devoted primarily the practice of the production and handling of food. A large farm size is not very different in practice but a world of difference in the product.

A server farm is also known as a server cluster, farm equipment or ranch and is defined as: a group of networked servers housed in one place. A server farm streamlines internal processes by distributing the workload between the individual components of the farm and expedites computing processes by harnessing the power of multiple servers. Farms rely on load-balancing software that performs tasks such as tracking demand for processing power different machines, prioritizing tasks and scheduling and rescheduling them depending on priority and demand that users put on the network. When one server fails, another can act as a backup. ~

The energy is 60 percent of data center costs. A server farm typically uses 10-20 megawatts of power per hour. This is equivalent to 10000-20000 homes with all lights and all appliances on. Performance is measured by the data systems center cooling and the cost of electricity rather than by the performance of processors due to a server farm large requires large amounts of electricity for the operation and maintenance of a cool 68 degrees. A growing trend is the idea of ​​building facilities to house the server farms that run on natural gas plants to save on energy costs and make less of a carbon footprint.

The 5 published farms in terms of size:
1. Intel – 100,000 servers
2. 1 & 1 Internet – 70.000 servers
3. OVH – 65,000 servers
4. Facebook – 60,000 servers
5. Rackspace – 59,876 servers

The locations of servers are often in secret and have high security features. Several large companies do not publish their large number of servers or locations. Google has an estimated 450,000 servers, however, there could be many more in stock or workmanship. Microsoft has an estimated, unpublished, 300,000 servers.

To host a server farm, you need a team of experts from diverse backgrounds and expertise including system developers, project planners, technical supervision and management gurus and teachers network security. There should be ongoing training and support and help desk 24 / 7 technology for crew and clients. If you wish to find accommodation for business or personal, make sure you do your research and make a professional to help find the right property for your needs.

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