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server hosting rating
I need help finding the right hosting company for my needs …?

Here's the deal. I am new to the game. I'm starting a design company website from scratch. I know how to design web sites. I'm good with all the necessary software for the design ……. Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash, etc … I need is help in understanding how the hosting companies work. So my question is ….. When I start designing websites for people who want to be able to accommodate room for them (well, sort of, I do not go buy servers). What I planned on paying a flat rate of accommodation charge that gives me plenty of room for I can add new sites. That way I can charge whatever they want to stay, and the new customer pays me ……. I pay the hosting company, and everyone is happy …..

Sounds like you want a resale program. GoDaddy has one, but there are plenty of others. Do a Google search on something like a reseller of hosting. As for the criteria to consider or discuss with clients, find a site that I found on

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