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server hosting services
What is the difference between NT and Linux server for web hosting services? what is the best of both?

IIS web server is the server in most Windows platforms, supports asp, point network server, mssql, also can support (if installed) perl and php Apache Web server is the server platform Linux, which supports, Perl, PHP, MySQL and Python more ISPs offering accommodation to use as servers, because we want to provide the needs-based platforms customer, if you are just starting to host a web site on the net and U are trying to decide what platform to use, most people go with apache as which is bulletproof, but it also means you have to learn linux (surely there are Windows versions of Apache, but are prone to problems with Windows) if you want to your life easier, you can go with IIS on your Windows machine, but you have to make sure you have all security patches installed, Microsoft has relesed a software called MS baseline security checker that can test the IIS server and tell you how to harden, be very carfull, if you want a real IIS server web inet, make sure you have a more reliable server operating system, make sure you are behind a firewall and has the right ports open and redirected to the server machine … very carfull make sur you know what you're doing, you do not want to put a machine on the network server that has a lot of holes securty in it, hackers break in and wreak havoc with appache you are much safer (which is apache in Linux), but you still have to know what you are doing if you want to put a web server on the network you may want to enroll in a free hosting account somewhere on the two platforms and play until you get your feet wet …. Also, when I put my web server for the first time on the net, and I was convinced it was safe and bulletproof, I contacted the hacker community and gave server's IP address, I asked for help and invited me to break and try to hack the server of couse I was glued to the machine for over a week until was 100% sure it was hacker proof, only then I start adding domains to it and started using it as a real web server as I keep saying, becarfull and knows what is doinng, too, do not forget if you put a web server in the network to make web hosting and email, you must have a good food unrestricted inet, inet power that I used for my server cost me over $ 500 (can) a month, so I had to make the server was being at least that amount of money, you can do that if you get about 10 sites, becarfull, knows what he is doing and make sure your server is to test pirate business before agreeing to pay!

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