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server hosting south africa
is geting better beter an internet connection while living in South Africa. to get a better ping for MW2?

I play modern warfare 2 on PS3 Daily. Whenever I have a 1 with bar and I mean always. dosent lag, but it takes about 2 seconds, someone dies after stab them. as once you stab someone i then stabs me and I die. while watching the shows Killcam stab me and i didn't stab him at all. and when it triggers a 1 which is time consuming, to die. so is anyway to get a better connection than modernization. I have a 1 MB download. Load 512. I is mostly over 400 when I do a speedtest to a server in Europe or the U.S.. and is there anyone who lives in South Africa or Botswana anywhere near that often chosen to host me Add as there friend on PSN. PSN id is felixgustaf_994 .. PLEASE HELP!

Your best bet is to improve the connection can always lower the level of Internet connection if you do not see any difference.

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