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How to install Python Imaging Library web hosting server?

I'm doing a bit of Python programming and the need to use a library Call Python Imaging Library [PIL] How I can install it on my web hosting server so you can use in my Python scripts? I am not allowed to install anything on the server (as far as I understand). I contacted tech support and talked about the htaccess file .. What is that? I downloaded the file PIL and contains many files, I can put you in my cgi-bin folder or install? Obviously I'm in deep, dark water here, so any help is greatly appreciated.

. Htaccess is for your server to control the permissions and is not relevant to the installation of PIL. When you say that is not allowed to install anything I'm sure that means that they are not allowed to install the system across the width as root. But you should be able to compile local program in the Startup folder. Therefore, download the source code and compile PIL on the server. Then move the PIL directory, where the sequences Python commands can be seen.

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