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server hosting washington dc
Need help with my final work and everything we've learned so far is Windows Server 2003?

ACME Builders Company (ABC) is a real estate company. ABC want to hire you as a consultant to RECOMMNED one of these operating systems (UNIX, Linux, Windows Server 2003 (Active Directory) or Novell NetWare) to the network. Y you need to justify their recommendations. ABC has about 600 employees in three locations downtown Washington DC, Manhattan, NY (Head Quarter), and the Dublin office, Ohio. ABC networks would like to host the public inside and Web servers, mail servers and server applications. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Happy to assist you with your term paper … but it will not do for you. If you send your answer to the question that I / we could have advised why or whether it should be doing something else …

SUN Microsystems COBALT CACHE RAQ 2 MIPS SERVER intranet traffic

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