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server hosting windows
Holidays make most companies Why not have Windows servers?

And someone can advise me on a good company providing Windows solutions?

All today's web sites are currently running on a Windows Web server or a server based on Linux. The vast majority web sites running on a platform based on Linux, Linux has a strong reputation for security and web server performance. With the standard (static) web sites HTML-based web hosting platform makes little difference. When you make a difference, however, is whether the website uses a dynamic script technology as ASP (A Microsoft-based technology), or PHP / Perl (Linux-based technologies). A solution based on Windows hosting will run Microsoft Windows server with IIS (Internet Information Server), and you need to run an ASP / ASP.NET web site script. A Linux-based platform for PHP is commonly used, Perl and most other web sites. Basically, unless your site uses ASP (pages end in the. Asp extension), Windows hosting not necessary. As an experienced webmaster I recommend GoldPuma I am sure that it works for you and fulfill all your needs. They have a very good offer for Windows hosting and I've used for over 3 years now, and I've never had a single problem with them. Http:// really cheap and reliable. And the best web host based on Linux is available at: good luck!

Windows Hosting (+ SECRET PROMO)

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