Sql Server Hosting Plans

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sql server hosting plans
What is the best operating system to use on my server? My web hosting plan, Shoutcast, and play multiple servers.?

The server is powerful. 8 GB of RAM (8 X 1 GB sticks) 2x AMD Opteron dual-core, and 300 GB SCSI hard drive. I think running a DNS server, Apache / PHP / SQL / etc. for hosting, and various game servers, like Counter-Strike: Source, Natural Selection 2 (when it's released), Quake 4, Garry's Mod, and many others. I have a little problem trying to determine which operating system to use, and think about the people hosting so maybe virtual servers hosted on it. I have Ubuntu on it but have been recommended CentOS and FreeBSD.

Most services built in: Linux Cheaper: The more time Linux: Linux easily extended to a cluster: Linux easier to extend to the big boxes (including mainframes): Linux So, in general, I'd say Linux.

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