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sql server hosting service
Connection string for SQL Express on a remote server?

Hello friends I hosted my first website. This uses ASP.NET 2.0 and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. I BSNL used web hosting service. Please tell me how to give the connection string to my database server hosting the web. I currently use the chain connection that works fine on my local computer but not working on remote server .. Dim constr As String = _ "Data Source =. SQLEXPRESS;" & _ "AttachDBFilename = | DataDirectory | dbname.mdf, "& _" Integrated Security = True; User Instance = True "Please give me the correct connection string for used in my website and also how to protect my database with encryption, password protection, etc. Thank you. Abhi

Part data source specifies the server and the name of the database instance. Where appropriate. SQLEXPRESS SQLEXPRESS media on the server. " which means local machine. I'd need to substitute the hostname for the remote connection, something like: Data Source = RemoteMachine SQLEXPRESS

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