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sql server hosting
How I can access a MS SQL server hosted with Fasthosts?

I recently set up an account with Fasthosts and created a MS SQL database, the problem is I have no idea where to find a tool to access this database, as I am used to working with My SQL, I tried the admistrator web of data, but we need that. NET Framework 1.1 I'm running Vista so I can not do that, even if it is a PHP script that I can upload and the type of information can and access and edit the information in this way, I'm not sure if Fasthosts use MS SQL 2000 or 2008, I have tried both and the second is for MS SQL Server 2005, more than required. NET Framework 1.1, I can not install

I'm pretty sure I updated to 2008, you could use: Web-based Admin: SQL Server Web Data Administrator: http://mssql1.notlong.com/ based on Windows: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express (SSMSE): Both free http://mssql2.notlong.com/

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