Terminal Server Hosting Service

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terminal server hosting service
Setting up access to Internet at a cafe which is connected to the phone service but not cable.?

Budget is tight .. What type of system is best? Terminal-to-host, file server or client / server? What protocol and network switching device that would be better for five computers and wireless devices?

You will have to set some kind of broadband connection. I would go with ADSL in your situation, because it uses phone lines, and is cheaper than cable. It also has sufficient bandwidth to support multiple computers access the Internet through a router. You do not need a change, you need a broadband router. If you have att, you must register for AttYahoo DSL. Can you send a 2wire DSL modem / router. It is an all in one piece of equipment, so you do not need a modem and a router. I think the wireless equipment runs about $ 99. You may want to get a modem DSL, ATT, and buy a D-Link, Linksys and Belkin wireless router on your own. You can get at Wal-Mart, ranging from $ 30 – $ 60.

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