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Reproduction of the pen and paper games online?

Hi guys! I have curiosity, is there any place in the mystical and magical interwebs I can find people to play games such D20? Well, D10 too! Mainly I'm looking to run a game All Flesh Must Be eaten, or join one, but I live in the middle of nowhere, Maine, without a car or a board game store within walking distance type. Does anyone know of a place where I can find a group of people to run or find a game housed in a chat room, Ventrilo (I have a server), or something else? I tried all the current gaming sites, with nothing to find a game over the Internet. Bored out of my mind and tired of killing people in TF2. Also, if any of you are interested, I'd be down for hosting or helping to create one game per week long-term or something. Thank you, Thank you John for the suggestion! I've never been a big fan of D & D, and Baldur's Gate I do not remember, but I do not know anything about Garena. I'll definitely try it!

I'm not sure about that. But you know what is the next best thing is? Try this classic D & D Baldur's call Gate if not already done so. It's so epic, which just ended. is available for purchase. It is exactly in line, but it has several players who can Hamachi or maybe use Garena (I have not tried it yet Garena, Hamachi but it works) to play over the Internet if you can find some people who also have the game.

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