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virtual server hosting companies
If you use Access to create a database and a web form for entry is easy to host a website?

I'm trying to find easier, foolproof way to create a web page to view and enter data into a database table. This is for my husbands company and I really do not want to get involved with the stupidity that is inevitably going to participate in this. Few people have no idea to know what they want and change my mind every 5 minutes. So if I can set for your web site can only accommodate a database and use Access design elements to create the web page I can wash my hands of it all. But for some reason I can not seem to understand? Does anyone have a good tutorial, or have done before and can help me? Your web server hosts a Microsoft Virtual Server 2003, if that helps? Thanks.

Its mindless, but you should check with your hosting provider, because it will give problems SQL for free. Despite its excessive for your application will not be corrupt as suitable for access and access was not developed for the web or multiple users. It was developed to be part of the Office suite for personal use. Here's a better idea for a database. For a free database: The construction program implementation: aa718378.aspx practice with and then copy directly to your SQL Server. Or just use it locally from one of their machines. Access uses a watered down version of VB so if you can program in Access that you like this.

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