Virtual Server Hosting Cost

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virtual server hosting cost
what is virtual server hosting Lamens terms please? and Do I need any special hardware for it? ?

I am stuck in a question about virtual hosting server. I need to know what it is, how much and if I have to install any hardware to work! Can you help me by Please x

is where you have control over a server in a business location .. You control the server through your browser or program on your own computer .. If you are looking at creating a web site then the advantages of free are obviosly cost. The downside is that it receives almost no attention to the client and the site liekly is much lower. Paid hosting cons are the costs of the courses and the benefits are your site is 99.9% of the time, you get decent customer support options and more to your site: I suggest you take a look at they will register a domain name free for life and have unlimited web space and transfer unlimited data and you can go with them on a monthly basis. Also when you register with them if you enter a coupon code that will give you 25% of their ridiculously cheap hosting plans. 25OFF code to use is I can host all my sites and have not been more than satisfied with their help and support that is available for your support! Hope this helps

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