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virtual server hosting europe

1and1 Internet, 1and1 Internet Hosting

Proud to be the best in the world

Choosing a reliable web hosting is important and 1 & 1 Internet Inc., the world's largest web hosting provider with servers known, makes this decision simple. Our global community of more than 9 million customer contracts. We are a financially stable and profitable web hosting service that continues to grow.

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Proven Products, affordable prices

Domain packages from web convenient and feature-rich hosting plans, virtual private servers, powerful dedicated servers, 1 & 1 offers a complete range of web services for every need skill level and budget. With new products such as MyBusiness site, small and medium businesses can design and implement a professional web site without no experience in web development. All 1 & 1 products have been designed to provide the ideal combination of features and affordability. The companies and individuals do not find a better value for money!

Reliability and Innovation

1 & 1 is determined to provide maximum product quality, high security, and unshakeable reliability for our customers. Our data centers have been built from scratch using the latest technology available, giving our global network of force to withstand all conditions. The power and stability of 1 & 1's systems allows us to be first to market products websites that are innovative and reliable.

Green Innovation

1 & 1 continues to support a clean environment by using environmentally friendly equipment and hardware in our data centers. 1 & 1 U.S. Data Center, located in Kansas, has been recognized by the U.S. Protection Agency (EPA) Green Power partner. 1 & 1 is currently in the process of transforming a former nuclear plant in Germany litigation in a data center green that will be able to house more than 100,000 servers.


The combination of more than 70,000 high-efficiency web servers with the known performance of Cisco routers Foundry and our data centers, 1 & 1 utilizes the best technology products manufacturers in the world and service providers to offer customers of 99.9%. The infrastructure to support 1 & 1 is a technology state of the art hardware and software running efficient in highly secure data centers across the U.S. and Europe. 1 & 1 is the Kansas data center, for example, is strategically located to ensure as long as customers because of the latency of the equality of both costs. 1 & 1 solid relationships with major companies, including Parallels and Symantec bring our customers the latest in virtual software and security.

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