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virtual server hosting free
What version of VMware is right for me?

first have to be free or cheap (less than say $ 70) and secondly, has to support Windows and GNU / Linux, FreeBSD optionally as guest operating systems of the host architecture amd64 and I hope to be invited also amd64. the plan: I have dual carriageway, three starts, including torn quad but its a pain in the butt to reboot each time. I've messed with VirtualBox, but it is not only powerful enough. and saw a video that had the compiz cube with each side set up a separate instance of a virtual machine. this is more or less what I want / need, but I'm very very unfamlilure VMware and all these different versions sound very simulating and documentation really just trying to sell that particular version actually gives no solid pros and cons. basically it is a workstation not a server.

For Windows Download% A 20BIT/setup.exe Our East if that one dose does not work ————————————— ———– ————————————— ———– ———– ——————————— To GUN / Linux If Our Linux Mint is Ubuntu Any thows This should work Vobx GTK Our machines FUA

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