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Is it a good idea to host a website on a virtual machine?

I have a website out successfully a bit and instead of paying for housing prices Geeky i want to use my knowledge to do it on my own. I have an old PC that I use the server, but has an outdated operating system. I considered Linux, but I've been using Windows all my life, I am more comfortable using a Windows product, Windows has several free virtual machines. Or What is a good idea to host a website on a virtual machine?

Generally, most people chose a hosting service because the connection load your normal user account is too slow and do not have the technical capability to make it safe. Usually, they will suffer some performance problems with a lightweight virtual machine but at least one virtual machine can keep a complete backup of the virtual machine in case you ever become infected or does not work otherwise. One thing to consider with virtual machines is that you have one of the many points of failure that would bring your site down. Requests for evaluation, the guest VM, the machine program virtual host, the host OS and host hardware as well as the loss of the only Internet connection, loss of energy, etc. If you go this, consider the use of multiple network cards and multiple connections to the Internet.

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