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virtual server hosting service
Make WebHosting own server?

Is there a way to create my own web server to host websites? I know that the virtual servers that offer many companies, but I'm wondering if there a way I can buy another PC and make it the web server?? Appreciate if someone can give me some advice, or redirect my website information? I have a small business, but I'm tired of hosting services and web sites often are not accessible, I can work on it because link control panel is slow, etc, etc. Thanks people!

yes, you can. Get a dedicated team. to a web server in it as Apache ( You probably want linux (, for sure its fast and safe. Then get a domain name from one registrar to set your DNS server Public DNS ( Then set the records to point to the IP address of your web server (this information your ISP, you will pay a price for a static IP address. You also need knowledge of BIND). Then wait 24 hours to synchronize. You must computer to make people do it for you. You also want a T1 connection if you expect a lot of success.

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