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counter strike server free web hosting?

Is there an organization that will allow free web hosting server for a game like Counter Strike?

There are no free hosting solutions to host a CS server, but a couple do it for a couple of dollars per month. I think it's reasonable. Although there are options to choose from, I always liked JustHost hosting services. There have been no more than 6 years, so you know it's not going anywhere. Their customer service is fast and accurate. Their servers are fast and reliable. This link is passed in its "secret page where you can get a code for 20% discount. The page is part your site, not a third party site. They change the page around often, so if your pages have changed everything, find the 'secret link' on your foot page of links on the page. It's his little joke to see if anyone actually reads the bottom of the page. Alternatively http://bit.ly/eXQNkI Hosting24. As JustHost, although a little cheaper, with fewer years of experience. Are $ 4.84 a month, and the link will save $ 2 a month. So you are paying only $ 2.84 a month for unlimited hosting. If the effect is not automatic, then enter the coupon code -> # 2OFF http://bit.ly/f7YJuU Summary: – Unlimited traffic – unlimited space – unlimited domains all for only $ 3 or $ 4 a month. JustHost -> http://bit.ly/eXQNkI Hosting24 -> Http://bit.ly/f7YJuU Coupon Code: # 2OFF

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