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Can a web hosting company, affect the amount of traffic it receives?

I've heard of people have lost traffic to your website (And therefore business), when it changed the web hosting company one better than a cheaper one. My question is, apart from the bandwidth of which is usually sufficient for a text-based web site or server uptime, is there some other reason that traffic may be lost if I move my site to another server over cheap? Does the web hosting company affect traffic at all if so in what sense. Please help. Why can not I move to a cheaper server has myql? There is an e-commerce site just a plain personal site with some downloads. Thanks.

Running time would have the most important when moving to a "cheaper" host. Not only just the time of web server activity, but the uptime of servers database DNS servers, routers and general network issues can all affect the availability of your website. It is not just cheap hosts have problems with availability, sometimes the hosts at the top have problems too. There have been cases recently of the major hosting companies that are down for hours due to problems network.

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