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web server hosting reviews
Do I need a dedicated server?

I'm thinking about starting a website that will keep all information about bars and restaurants in my city. There will probably be about 200 places to comment on all users can send along with updates of things that are happening in every place and on any night that bar owners can be updated. The obverse of having a "What happens this weekend," section and perhaps a "bar of the month "or" drink of the week "along with ads for 3 or 4 of the bars or local businesses. I hope to get over 1000 hits per day and maybe more considerable. What I need web hosting? whether to recommend a web hosting service please do not just list some place you are affiliated. I need information impartial.

Not unless your city happens to be New York or Chicago. would allocate more easier and cheaper to just buy some space from a host domain as godaddy.com. The servers are not for the average computer guy. Take allot of maintenance.

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