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If my site is hosted on U.S. servers, will it affect my search power of the local machine in Singapore?

I have a website with an address com. Which is organized by a U.S. company would be better to change the domain web hosting local here in Mexico which will increase the degree of search engines local and Yahoo.com.sg or Google.com.sg?

Yes, Google does record and weighing IP address location. Your best bet is to get accommodation in Singapore and recorded in all local search engines, and purchase and load the web site for Singapore's top level domain name. Hope this helps! Campbell, Malcolm Campbell, Executive Director of Technology Group Inc. Office: 312.235.2304 Direct: 312.493.8847 Fax: 312.577.0926 http://www.turieb.com (Search Marketing Division) http://www.campbellhosting.com (Division Dedicated Servers) ________________________________ http://www.campbelltechnologygroup.com Campbell Technology Group "Technology-Based, Innovation Driven "

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