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web server hosting ubuntu
Web-based terminal server client?

So I'm running a Ubuntu 7.10 LAMP server with postgres as web-based applications and host site my standard school system. I have all of the internal network, including LAMP behind an IPCop firewall. I have my firewall configured to forward standard HTTP requests 80 to the lamp. That's all working fine. I can also putty in the same machine 21. Then you can use lynx and reach the terminal internal functions such as firewall and our NASC device stack. All well and good if you want []///////> all with putty on a window and Firefox and everything else that has to happen in a third. What I would like to make a splash page in the directory / var / www / whatever phone that lets you open public services based on the web who live across the firewall. Is this possible? Is there such thing as a Terminal Server client web-based, like putty only works in a browser? Any other way to do this? I have physical access to all machines.

Not sure exactly what it means to carry out corrosion linux and putty multiple servers to connect, keep a window open for the entire browser and I need to use a machine without any problem. What exactly are trying to do? if you want to easily add users, web pages, files, etc. to the server simply add a control panel like web hosting, cp http://www.web-cp.net/ Zervex http://zervex.com web or even better, but more complex http://www.webmin Webmin. com / Let me know what exactly the intent to do, if you want Remote Desktop is a completely different! You do not want an open page SPLASH, which must be controlled or anyone can control your system!

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