Windows Server Hosting Plans

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windows server hosting plans
Questions about hosting your own web server?

Hello I just finished two websites at the moment, and I was thinking about my own web hosting and servers database. I have an additional team in the country, which will serve as a dedicated server and running Windows Server 2003. I have a business plan with my ISP, and I am allowed to host servers, but my upload speed is only 800kbps speed connection with this, suppose that 10 users are downloading a page and execution 800kb mysql query select three all at the same time, how long it takes for the page to be rendered? Is there a mathematical formula that shows this? What is the maximum number of users who think you can browse their website at the same time? Is there a book you could recommend me see before you start the server? Thanks! ie I have 2 GB of RAM and 2.4 GHz processor

The possibility of 10 users doing something at the same time, very little probable. This does not take into account other members who might be in it. I suppose it comes to worst for 10 users? This also does not take into account the latency or bandwidth of users.

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