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Windows 2003 Server (Virtual) doing?

Okay, so basically I have a virtual dedicated server from a database. It has windows 2003. Obviously you have a firewall built on the database, so there, but I was told I could install the "software" of a firewall as well .. I have to leave some feats on some things that Host, every time that dosent work, as the firewall is turned on for a second that goes … it's like blocking me Tried BlackIce, but I more or less need for a complete tutortial how to install somthing like this on a dedicated server, database, said couldent help because there are software developers.

NEVER use Windows-based servers in public networks. Linux / Unix systems management package DNS and are much better … I never had a Linux server compromised (VPN wrapper help.)

Windows Server 2008, 7: gpupdate to update group policy

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