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yahoo sql server hosting
Where I can get a web application to test?

I need an application that could be used to write test cases. You know the kind of things we have at work, an application logon, transactions, reports, calendar, messaging, etc you know what I mean. An enterprise application that I could host locally on an application server like Tomcat and uses some back-end RDBMS such as SQL, MySQL or Oracle. It's like an application available for download or purchase? I know that this application comes with QTP. It is an airline reservation application, but is really small. I need an application at I can write at least 2,000 cases of test. and this should open a web browser. I do not want to use google or yahoo mail which are not applications. Also I should be able to host this location.

kingmailer treat or back to Google and make sure you specify what you are looking and you can find for download or can offer sites homologous (3 ª part) the product or something … good luck Get a free web hosting account

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